More about Tom

Professional experience:  the driving force behind each of my career endeavors has always been the desire to serve. From high school teacher in a career and technical school to environmental education director at the University of Rhode Island; from datacom-telecom executive recruiter to Civic Action Coordinator in Vietnam; and as a financial advisor and planner today, to make a postitive difference in the lives of those I serve is the reason why I do this work.

Licenses: securities: 6, 63, 66; insurance: life, health, long term care, income annuities.

Professional development and education:  constant change and innovation make continuing education an absolute necessity in financial services. Woodbury Financial, FINRA/SEC, and state regulators have their education and testing requirements. Companies requre product specific trainings. Most importantly, the advanced planning seminars I choose to complete on my own are critical to offering state of the art strategies that my clients deserve.

Education:  M.A. University of Rhode Island. Graduate and undergraduate studies at the U. of Illinois; Providence College; Michigan State.

Personal: My three daughters are also dedicated to serving others through their careers in teaching, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. My three grandchildren remind me each day that life is a priceless gift to cherish and share. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago; worked in the steel mills; served our country in Vietnam; and continue to enjoy hiking in the White Mts. and biking on Ocean Drive in Newport.


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